Luigi Is Not Dead

Luigi Is Not Dead

Luigi Is Not Dead

The new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer showed Luigi’s soul escaping from his body–but he is OK, Nintendo confirms.

Luigi is CAPPY? A Very DARK Mario Odyssey Theory! (Game Theory Parody)

An intentionally exaggerated theory I’ve had coming for a few weeks, and reworked to fit Nintendo’s update announcement.

Obviously not intended to be cannon, but an interesting conspiracy that can be reached by connecting various dots (having to state the obvious because of some rude commenters).



trust me (i’m in Peru btw)

Luigi is NOT AN IDIOT!

What? You thought I was gonna say Luigi wasn’t a hero!
What kind of negative person do you think I am!

Watch more of the “NOT A” Series!
Mario is NOT A HERO :
Bowser is NOT A VILLAIN :

Thanks for Watching!


Special Thanks to Steve Pilgrim for his Luigi U theme

Special Thanks to Samura1man for the Smash Luigi Combo Video!

Special Thanks to Luigi for being awesome!

Luigi’s Mansion |06| This LP is not Dead!

Which is ironic because everything in the mansion is dead except Luigi. Bad Title FTW

Enjoy 😀

Sorry for the early cut but I had to due to the mic cutting out….again!

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