Total War: Shogun 2 Hands-On

Total War: Shogun 2 Hands-On

Total War: Shogun 2 Hands-On

We get hands-on with Shogun 2 and bring you the lowdown on the updates to be expected from the game’s multiplayer modes.

Total War: Shogun 2 Music – Ona Hei

Total War: Shogun 2 Soundtrack – Ona Hei
Composed By Jeff Van Dyck

How To Use And Level a General – A Quick Guide – Total War: Shogun 2

In this guide we’ll take a look at the General unit and character from Total War: Shogun 2. The premise is most of these guides is that everything is being told within 2 minutes, so you’ll be able to brush up your knowledge or learn something new, while you probably should be doing something else.

However, this video is a special video to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Total War: Shogun 2 release!

(and also because doing both the unit and the character in 2 minutes is just impossible)

This quick guide is for newcomers and returning players alike!

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Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai Music – Ebb and Flow

Total War: Shogun 2 – Fall of the Samurai Music – Ebb and Flow
Composed By Jeff Van Dyck

Total War: Shogun 2 | Samurai Game Review

The First Samurai Game Review covers one of the best Samurai strategy games there is “Total War: Shogun 2”.

I ran into unexpected issues while trying to record footage of Medieval 2 and Empire, so I ended up borrowing footage of those games for this video.

Total War Shogun 2 was developed by Creative Assembly and was produced by Sega.

All music used is from the Total War: Shogun 2 soundtrack Produced by Jeff van Dyck, and is the property of Creative Assembly and Sega.

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